Connecting people to God & others.

What's It All About?

Our first published release What’s It All About? is a narrative overview of the Bible. This short book retells and connects key events, presenting the Bible’s message and its answers to life’s fundamental questions.

It is written both to those curious about what is in the Bible and to those looking for the overarching message.

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Finding Him Blog

"Who Am I?" - A look into this profound and deeply personal question.

"What Makes Me Tick" - A study of the human body, and what I found.

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Sign Language Classes

Connect with others in a new language! We offer in-person American Sign Language classes (ASL 1, 2, & 3) in the Marietta, GA area.


Family-Owned, Christ-Centered

Established in Jan 2022, Finding Him is a family-owned business, dedicated to helping people connect to God and others.

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