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Finding Him

What's It All About? (50pk)

What's It All About? (50pk)

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Set of 50 books: great for organizations, schools, churches, workshops, and classes.

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Are there answers to life's most fundamental questions: How did we get here? Why am I here? What is the history of the earth? Who is God and what am I to him? How will it all end? This book shares where I found the answers to these questions.

What's It All About? provides a narrative overview of what the Bible reveals about God and mankind, from the beginning of time and continuing through history. Each chapter retells a pivotal event of God's interacting with mankind and forms a window to better see and know the God behind it all. The Endnotes include detailed Scripture references for each event and topic, allowing the reader the opportunity of further study.

This book aims to help the reader find answers to these universal questions by providing a concise, reader-friendly, and easy to grasp approach to the Bible. The chapters are chronological and show how the pieces of the Bible are all interconnected.

This book may be helpful to individuals who are new or unfamiliar with the Bible and also to those who want an understanding of the big picture of the Bible. It is suitable for personal reading, small group studies, and educational settings.

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This book is 5.5” x 8.5” and .28” thick. It is 136 pages long, printed on smooth white 50lb text, with a soft touch matte cover.

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